In May, Alabama experiences warmer temperatures, and the landscape is in full bloom. Here are some relevant landscape tips for Alabama in May:

1. Watering: With rising temperatures, it’s crucial to monitor and adjust your watering routine. Ensure that plants receive an adequate amount of water, especially during dry spells. Water deeply to promote strong root systems.

2. Annuals and Perennials: Plant heat-tolerant annuals such as zinnias, marigolds, and vinca for continuous summer color. Consider adding perennial flowers like coneflowers, salvias, and daylilies to your garden.

3. Mulching: Maintain a consistent layer of mulch around plants to conserve moisture, suppress weeds, and regulate soil temperature. Mulching is especially important as temperatures rise.

4. Pruning: Regularly deadhead spent flowers to encourage continuous blooming. Prune overgrown branches and shape plants as needed. Avoid heavy pruning of spring-blooming shrubs to preserve next year’s buds.

5. Fertilizing: Apply a balanced fertilizer to flowering plants and vegetables. Follow recommended guidelines for specific plants, and avoid over-fertilizing, which can lead to excessive growth.

6. Lawn Care: Continue regular lawn maintenance, including mowing, fertilizing, and addressing any pest issues. Consider adjusting the mower height to keep the grass at an optimal length.

7. Container Gardens: Refresh and maintain container gardens. Ensure that containers have proper drainage, and fertilize potted plants regularly. Arrange containers to create focal points in your landscape.

8. Pest Management: Keep an eye out for pests such as aphids, spider mites, and caterpillars. Use environmentally friendly pest control methods to minimize damage.

9. Garden Structures: Inspect and maintain garden structures such as trellises, arbors, and fences. Repair any damage and consider adding climbing plants for added visual appeal.

10. Outdoor Entertainment Areas: Prepare outdoor entertaining spaces for the warmer months. Clean and arrange outdoor furniture, and add features like decorative lighting or a fire pit for ambiance. Our Design services can include enhancing your entertainment spaces, too!

May is a vibrant and active month for gardening in Alabama. Take advantage of the warm weather to create a colorful and thriving landscape in your outdoor space.