Indian Creek Wholesale Nursery also specializes in custom landscape designs. Our designers create handcrafted landscape designs for your home or business. Our team has years of experience. We combine various techniques, utilizing traditional hand-sketched designs as well as top shelf digital technology.

Each designer has his or her own style, and no two designs are alike. No matter the style, we always begin by listening. Once we understand our client’s vision for the design, we lend our years of expertise to find the perfect solution.

There are four main principles we use when we design a landscape:


A good landscape design must first be aesthetically pleasing. But equally important is that it must also be LOW maintenance after installation. While all landscapes require some attention, we want to minimize your work.


Our designers also consider durability. Having been involved with horticulture for more than 30 years, we know exactly which plants to use to ensure toughness. Durably designed landscapes will flourish for years.


Our design team knows exactly which colors and leaf textures to use. We stage our designs in such a way so that you get maximum color in your yard year-round. A well-designed property gives wonderful color changes during ALL seasons.


A well-balanced landscape considers plant growth, window and door height & placement, window offsets, permanent structure locations, etc. We look at the property as a whole, ensuring that the entire landscape properly “frames” your home or business.

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Our design packages are very flexible to meet your needs. Some clients even prefer to install their design in phases, over time. We’d also love to tell you about our cutting edge technology option which allows our team to create a digital mock-up of your property with the proposed design. Contact us to find out more!

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